KCE Bus Pass Procedure

Bus Pass Procedure for All KCE After School Activities Starting After Labor Day

KCE is working in conjunction with Kenston Local Schools to implement a new bus pass procedure. Please read the information below so you are familiar with the new procedure.

On Campus Activities
(Classes or programs that are held on the school campus or Gardiner Center)
Your child will need a bus pass for Bus #11.
If you registered at the last minute (with in 5 days of start of class), make sure your request is accompanied with a KCE receipt to ensure your child’s bus pass is issued to their destination.

Off Campus Activities
Your child will need a bus pass for Bus #11 and will ONLY be approved when accompanied with a KCE Receipt. With this single point of contact, we can ensure that the schools and transportation have the necessary information when transporting our students.

The shuttle bus for all activities is Bus #11
From KHS – Take Shuttle Bus #58 from KHS and transfer to Bus #11 at KMS
From KMS – Get on Bus #11 at KMS
From KIS – Get on Bus #11 at KIS
From TES – Get on Bus #11 at TES

3rd graders go right to Multipurpose room
4th and 5th take their normal bus and get off at Timmons and go to Multipurpose room
6th graders meet at KMS flag pole