Directors Log 061818

ITS HOTTTTTT… I  have a game tonight and it is really hot outside…but I just remember -7 on February 2 this year and say to myself…ITS SUMMER!!!   I hope summer for you is going as well as it is for me.  The theater program High School Musical Jr 2 is

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Directors Log 060318

T-ball started yesterday and I had the pleasure of coaching the Monkey Wrenches…T-ball is so funny..I asked one of the players why he thought it might not be a good idea to catch the ball with his nose and he looked at the ball then said “because it won’t stick”

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Directors Log 052918

Summer is here! I believe we went right from winter to scorching hot summer!! Always remember to bring water to your games. Some of the fields do not have access to water or concessions! After this past week happening I have found myself thinking about how blessed I am. I

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Directors Log 051418

I just want everyone to know that I was the last one to cancel baseball today!  First Varsity cancelled then Aurora cancelled then I sighed and cancelled.  Of course the sun came out and its a beautiful outside…which is my luck…if anyone has an important outdoor party just ask me

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Directors Log 051318

Mothers Day!! Happy Mothers Day to all of our wonderful moms out there. Enjoy it! I remember the days of breakfast in bed brought to me by my children. It goes so fast. I am spending today working on baseball/softball. Our coach pitch league doubled in the last week for

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Directors Log 050818

Baseball Majors and Minors start next week. It is about to kill me. Starting with the fact we could not get on the field and that the league doubled on April 30th. Thanks to the coaches that stepped up I think we are close to start going! The weather is

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