Schedule for K10
Coach: Dawn Thatcher

This reflects the remainder of the schedule for the 20/21 season. The change is due to a team dropping from the league.

1/16/2021 Saturday 1:00 PM K10 K8 Gardiner Center
1/23/2021 Saturday 1:00 PM K10 K9 Gardiner Center
1/30/2021 Saturday 8:00 AM K3 K10 Gardiner Center
2/6/2021 Saturday 1:00 PM K10 K5 Gardiner Center
2/13/2021 Saturday 2:00 PM K7 K10 Gardiner Center
2/20/2021 Saturday 4:00 PM K10 K1 Gardiner Center

K10 (20/21 Prkk BBall K10) : Dawn Thatcher
K3 (20/21 Prkk BBall K3) : Dan Hromada
K5 (20/21 Prkk BBall K5) : Mark Seifried
K7 (20/21 Prkk BBall K7) : Brian Pease
K8 (20/21 Prkk BBall K8) : Ben Medhurst
K9 (20/21 Prkk BBall K9) : Gred Couch

(GC) Gardiner Center -