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Youth Track on 4/30/19

Hi Parents,

We are a GO for tonight but…

  • We cannot use the track due to it being booked for high school sports.
  • We will meet in the teacher’s lot / trailhead entry.
  • We will be blocking off more of the parking lot this week.
  • We will try to stay in the parking lot area focused on sprints, starts, and exchanges.
  • We will use the hill for hill sprints.
  • It is going to be muddy.  Please dress in clothes that may get muddy.
  • We will try our best to avoid the trails and stay in the parking lot.
  • If it rains during practice, please feel free to pick up your athlete.
  • If you want to skip practice tonight, no problem.

Look for an email in a few days regarding Sunday.  

Coach Ickes

KCE Scholarship Information – Application Deadline March 19, 2019 4pm

KCE is offering 2 scholarship awards at $750 each, to two deserving Kenston graduating seniors.   Apply Now 

KCE provides recreational and enrichment opportunities for the citizens of Auburn and Bainbridge Township. Our goal is to provide the highest level of service, the broadest selection of programs and the most affordable prices. We are a value-driven organization and our seven core values include the following:
• Doing the “right” thing
• Building a strong community
• Taking care of our people
• Giving back to the community
• Creating healthy environment for our participants
• Creating a spirit of sportsmanship
• Creating enrichment opportunities

KCE Scholarship Information Page