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Fitness Classes – New Policy Beginning March 2020

Beginning with Spring 2020 classes, participants must be registered prior to the beginning of the session to attend class and/or to receive any type of prorated fee for that class.

KCE has found it necessary to protect our instructors from liability if someone attends class who has not provided a Release of Liability by registering.  Our instructors have been extremely generous in allowing participants to only pay for those classes they know they can attend.  However, prorating classes after the session has started has created an increasing hardship on the KCE accounting and customer service staff to provide you and our instructors with the best experience.

Please make sure that you are registered for the upcoming session before attending:

Fitness ClassStart Date
Fit and Defined – A3/3/20 
Fit Your Way3/1/20 
Fusion-Fit – A3/2/20 
Gentle Lunchtime Yoga – A3/31/20 
Kettlebell Blast  – A3/3/20 
REFIT® – Evenings – D3/2/20 
REFIT® – Mornings – A3/3/20 
Strength, Flexibility and Yoga – Monday and Wednesday – A3/2/20 
Strength, Flexibility and Yoga – Saturday – G3/7/20 
Strong Body Bootcamp – A3/3/20 
TABATA GX™  – A3/2/20