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Kenston Culinary Arts Club (KMS) for Fall 2018

The Kenston Culinary Arts Club is designed for KMS students who have an interest in baking and working together as a team to support organizations within the Kenston community. The purpose of the Culinary Arts club is to allow students to learn and develop basic cooking skills, experiment with recipes, and enjoy a fun, social environment with peers.


  • Willingness to sample all food (unless prohibited by allergies).
  • Parents – Please be on time to pick up and sign out your student at 3:45 p.m. Please email the club advisor if your student is unable to attend a session.
  • All KMS school rules apply.

Registration: Online through KCE

Grade levels: 6th – 8th grade
Time/Dates: Mondays, starting 10/1 through 11/5 2:30pm to 3:45 pm
Location: KMS Room # 224
Fee: $75 per participant to cover needed supplies and ingredients
Supplies: Included in registration fee. Please bring a hat or ponytail holder to each session.
Number of Participants: Maximum of 12 students per session
Directors: Theresa Somich 

KCE Bus Pass Procedure

Bus Pass Procedure for All KCE After School Activities Starting After Labor Day

KCE is working in conjunction with Kenston Local Schools to implement a new bus pass procedure. Please read the information below so you are familiar with the new procedure.

On Campus Activities
(Classes or programs that are held on the school campus or Gardiner Center)
Your child will need a bus pass for Bus #11.
If you registered at the last minute (with in 5 days of start of class), make sure your request is accompanied with a KCE receipt to ensure your child’s bus pass is issued to their destination.

Off Campus Activities
Your child will need a bus pass for Bus #11 and will ONLY be approved when accompanied with a KCE Receipt. With this single point of contact, we can ensure that the schools and transportation have the necessary information when transporting our students.

The shuttle bus for all activities is Bus #11
From KHS – Take Shuttle Bus #58 from KHS and transfer to Bus #11 at KMS
From KMS – Get on Bus #11 at KMS
From KIS – Get on Bus #11 at KIS
From TES – Get on Bus #11 at TES

3rd graders go right to Multipurpose room
4th and 5th take their normal bus and get off at Timmons and go to Multipurpose room
6th graders meet at KMS flag pole

Preflight Before School Care for 2018-19

Preflight Before School Care for 2018-19

Bomber Preflight- Before School Program provides morning care and activities for children in Kindergarten thru 5th grades. Qualified child care providers will support homework completion while establishing educational and physical activity in a relaxed yet carefully designed developmentally appropriate environment. Get your kid(s) off to a good start. Head to work on time and within budget…Preflight and Go!

(Program follows the Kenston Local Schools calendar and is not available when the schools are closed for holidays and calamity days.)

Select the Online Registration Option Below that meets your needs:

Full Year Registration (5 days per week, full year payment)

Full Year Registration (5 days per week, payment plan)

1st Quarter Only (August 15th – October 12th)

2nd Quarter Only (October 15th – December 21st)

3rd Quarter Only (January 7th – March 7th)

4th Quarter Only (March 11th – May 24th)


July 6th Swing Dance with Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys

Open in Facebook

Swing Dance with Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys

Friday, July 6th
8:00pm Lesson
9:00pm Dance
Bainbridge Town Hall, 17826 Chillicothe Road

All ages and experience welcome – pay at the door

Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys embrace and explore many Americana styles and combine them into a soulful, powerful sound. With original compositions and their own unique channeling of classics, Rachel & The Beatnik Playboys are blazing new trails into the music world. To learn more about them visit

This public, family-friendly event is open to all ages. No partner is required for the lesson or the dance. Admission is $10 per adult, $8 per youth or $25 per family. Admission includes the 8:00 p.m. lesson and 9:00 p.m. live performance and dance. A different live band performs the first Friday of every month. For additional information, please contact Will Craig by calling (216) 316-0068 or E-mailing Sponsored by Kenston Community Education.

Activities Beginning the Week of June 4th