Get Fit For Fall!

Fit and Defined

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10/29 – 11/21 10am

Gain strength and flexibility with hand weights and your own bodyweight. Improve your posture, balance and build muscle. Increase your metabolism and reduce fat. Be strong, look great and best of all feel great. New to working out? Work at your own pace, this class is beginner friendly…Modifications are available. All you need is a mat, water, a pair of 3 to 5lb dumbbells. You may use heavier weights if you are experienced. We’ll work together to make you the strong, fit person you want to be.

Fit Your Way

Fit Your Way is 4 private classes for you, and perhaps a friend, to improve your physical strength and gain confidence. We will use various exercise methods based on your fitness level and goals. This class is about YOU! There is no competition or judgement. You will receive motivation, inspiration and fun! Come with me and we’ll move forward together! Class will be scheduled based on your and the instructors availability. Once registered, the instructor will contact you to schedule.


Mondays & Wednesdays, 11/4 – 12/2 8:35am

FUSION-FIT will help you to become stronger and leaner, increase your cardiovascular efficiency, and improve your balance and flexibility. This 45-minute resistance and conditioning workout is designed for new exercisers to fitness enthusiasts. We’ll use a variety of techniques to keep you engaged and progressing toward your goals. Feel like you have a personal trainer working with you while enjoying the camaraderie of fellow participants in a non-competitive atmosphere! You’ll work at your own level, and leave each workout feeling challenged, successful, and energized. Bring dumbbells (2 – 8 lb., depending on experience), water, an exercise mat, and a resistance band/tube. Find YOUR fit with FUSION-FIT!

Kettlebell Blast

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10/29 – 11/21 8:30am

Brand new fitness class based on functional training using the Kettlebell. Exercising with the kettlebell incorporating momentum recruits muscles throughout the whole body providing a great workout for improved cardiovascular endurance, balance, and core conditioning. Through specifically timed intervals, and bodyweight, students will experience a fun, challenging, and progressive workout. Ideal class to complement what you do for strength training outside of class. Students to bring their own Kettlebell or receive sizing recommendations at the first class. Also bring an exercise mat and water. This is for those with Kettlebell experience.
No Class 11/5 – 7 Class session

Morning Workout

Mondays, Tuesday &/or Thursdays 10/28 – 12/12 8:30am

This is a well-rounded exercise program using all the body muscles. Everyone works at their own level. This class is ideal as a low impact exercise. Feel good about yourself by doing something for you. An exercise mat and weights are recommended. Bands provided by instructor; Senior rate begins at age 60. No Class no class 11/5, 11/11, 11/28

Gentle Lunchtime Yoga

Fridays, 11/1 – 11/26 11:30am

This class is designed to help your mind, body and spirit as well as give you a mid-day boost of energy! Students increase their strength and flexibility through stretching and slow yoga poses. Students also learn to lower their heart rate and blood pressure with breathing exercises. Stress and tension are released as the class finishes with a bit of deep relaxation. Students must be able to move from the floor to standing and back down to the floor without difficulty.

Strong Body Bootcamp

Tuesdays & Thursdays, 10/29 – 11/21 8am

Strong Body Bootcamp offers a complete high intensity total body workout all packed into 30 minutes. Through the effective use of specifically timed intervals of varying length and intensity clients are challenged using exercises for cardiovascular conditioning, strength training (using weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, sliders, and bodyweight) and finish with stretching. Come experience a fun, yet challenging and continually changing total body workout for rapid gains in strength, cardio and core-conditioning, and balance maintained safely for all fitness levels. No class 11/5 – 7 class session


Mornings: Tuesdays, 10/29 – 12/10 8:35am
Evenings: Mondays, 11/4 – 12/2 6pm

REFIT® is an athletic-style dance fitness experience. Our easy-to-follow formula is perfect for both beginners and fitness enthusiasts. This 45-minute, interval workout (combining cardio, balance, flexibility, and toning) will rock your body, heart, and soul with powerful moves, positive music, and a welcoming community to inspire you from the inside out. The workouts are designed for EVERYONE, every body — regardless of age, shape, size, or ability. Come sweat, laugh, burn a lot of calories, and truly enjoy your fitness revolution! Join the party — we’ve been waiting for YOU!

Refit/Fusion-Fit Combo

Fridays, 11/1 – 12/20 8:35am

Get ready for the best of both worlds: REFIT® and FUSION-FIT combined! Start your Friday with an express cardio-interval dance party followed by strength, balance, and stretch — all in an efficient, 45-minute workout. Wear supportive shoes and bring dumbbells (2 – 8 lbs. depending on experience), an exercise mat, and water.
7 class session no class 11/29

Strength, Flexibility & Yoga

Mondays, 11/4 – 12/2 7pm
Saturdays, 10/12 – 12/7 9am

This class is designed to use the best elements of strength training, yoga class, and the most effective fitness techniques. Everyone, first time beginners, to the experienced, will gain strength, and flexibility. Health benefits include, lowering stress, lower blood pressure, lower pulse rate, improved circulation, improves lung function, brain function, immunity, and metabolism. You build muscle and burn fat. See improved posture, energy levels, feel younger and gain a new positive outlook. Develop your neuromuscular system for better over all body awareness, coordination and balance. Move through the workout at your own comfort level and pace. Modifications are always available. This is the workout you’ve been looking for to bring balance to your mind and body. Bring a mat, two 3 to 5lb hand weights, water, and your commitment to a stronger healthier you!

Tabata GX

Mondays & Wednesdays, 11/4 – 12/2 8:15am

Based on the most current research in fitness, this revolutionary program combines energized group fitness with the hottest trend to have hit the scene – High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT). Using microburst intervals of varied timing and intensity for upper body, lower body, and core with bodyweight, resistance bands, and dumbbells you can get your workout done in half the time, and boost your metabolism to keep burning calories for hours after the workout is over. Change your body through increases in strength, endurance, flexibility and cardiovascular fitness for lasting results, all with constant attention to correct form and exercise technique. Please bring Exercise mat, dumbbell weights, stretch band, water bottle.