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  • You should have received an email confirmation with classes dates, times & locations. (If you did not receive an email, please login to your account and verify that your email address is correct).
  • Classes will begin as scheduled. You will be contacted by the KCE office if there is a change to the schedule due to low enrollment, instructor conflict, and/or unplanned school activities.
  • In case of inclement weather, please visit our website. If school is cancelled, ALL Kenston Campus KCE Activities are CANCELLED. You will not be notified by the KCE office when school is cancelled.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Transportation: How does my child get to a different location for an after-school activity? *Revised 8/14/19

We are thankful for the support of Kenston Local Schools and the Transportation Department to get your child(ren) to their registered KCE Activity. You are required to have a bus pass to transport your child after school to a Kenston Transportation approved location.

Transportation to off Campus Programs Begins after Labor Day.

  • From KHS - take Bus #3
  • From KMS - take Bus #3
  • From KIS - take regular shuttle to TES and transfer
    - to Bus #5 to go to Gardiner or
    - to Bus #10 to go off-campus to KCE approved locations.
  • From TES -
    - take Bus #5 to go to Gardiner,
    - take Bus #10 to go off-campus to KCE approved locations
  • Bus #12 to go to CVAC

Parents must have a KCE Receipt attached to their Bus Pass. Girl/Boy Scouts do not need a receipt, but must submit a roster with emergency contact information for each troop member to KCE, Transportation and School administration.

Q:  When will I find out which team my child is on?

We are thankful for the many individual volunteers who chose to make a difference in the lives of our youth.  KCE holds All-League practices to evaluate registered players at the beginning of each recreational season.  Once those practices/evaluations are complete, KCE takes into consideration all special requests.  We try to balance each team with all levels of players and then generate rosters.  Once this process is complete, coaches receive their rosters.  At this time, they are instructed to call/email each player.  Please verify that your phone and email information is correct in our system to be contacted in a timely manner.

More to come...  Got a question?  Please email it to us! 

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