Directors Log star date 041618

Its a rainy Monday…do I need to say more…sigh
I was talking with a mom about sportsmanship today in the office.  She was telling me that her child experienced a poor sport after the game this weekend.  The players were lining up to shake hands and one of the players from the other team was hitting our kids hands hard and saying “suck it”  every time.  You get the picture. The Kenston coach did the right thing and reported it to the other coach.  We do not know what happened after that.

These times are great teaching lessons for our children.  One of my kids was crazy competitive  and she would FREAK if she lost…I never caught her being a poor sport,  I was looking for it and she knew it.  We had several times where the opposing team would spit in their hands or hit too hard. I used those times as teach moments.  Asking her how she felt when this happened  and pointing out how much she hates to lose as well.  I never wanted my children to lose the desire to win however I did want them to learn that in every contest some one will walk away not winning and how you behave after that determines if you are a loser or not.