Directors Log 042818

Another rainy cold Saturday 🙁 I called the games with this in mind…The rec league is just that recreational.  I just imagined kids cold,wet and miserable. This is not a good combination for fun.  I will work on the reschedule and get it out as soon as possible.  One of the frustrating things about my job is getting the information out in a timely manner,  accurately to everyone.  I had a mom not get the email about the preseason practice for baseball.  I pull all emails from the  registration software.  This particular case was the email attached to the account was typed in wrong.  Therefore, the family did not get the information and I didn’t know.  Sometimes it bounces back sometimes it does not. I promise if it bounces back I will try to get the data updated.  The other scenarios include having more than one account for your family, which we can merge and fix, or changing your email with out updating your information.  It is important that you keep that information updated so we can communicate everything your family needs to know about our program. Working together we can get everyone were they need to be which is always my goal.