Message from the Director….

Fall season is fast approaching, also it marks the end of our fiscal year. Every year at this time we look at our finances and analyze how we are doing by looking at the past years and projecting ahead to the next few years. We have seen a major growth in the past five years in the use of online registrations. Although, this is very convenient for our customers, it has put a burden on our finances that has been growing. The cost of using a credit card has been rising with all the safe guards, gateways and merchant services. Fiscal year 2018/2019, it cost us almost $30,000. Since we are not taxed funded, our users pay the cost of all programs, our first reaction was to raise the cost of all registrations. However, part of KCE mission statement is to bring the highest quality programs at the most affordable prices. Raising the cost does not conform to our mission. Instead we decided to give the user a choice to either come in to register and pay the current prices or use the convenience of the computer and pay a service fee. We have added service fees based on the cost of each program. We have set them on a graduating scale and capped it at $6.00. This will help recover some of the cost. These fees can be waived in the office for families paying with check or cash. The service fees are set up per individual class, therefore if you want to register online for multiple classes at once call the office to waive any fees in excess of the $6.00 cap. The upside to this is we will get more face time with our customers! I love seeing you and especially your children visit us here at KCE! Looking forward to a great Fall and Winter season! Jennifer Moore Executive Director