Old-School Fun with Retro Recess!

Monday, 9/16 – 10/14
3:30pm – 5:00pm @Timmons
Kindergarten – 5th Grades

It’s the best thing to happen for Kenston children in 1st to 5th grade ever!Turn off the X-box, hand held computer games, and the cell phones and try some good old fashioned fun.

If your child thinks SPUD! is just a potato, and RED LIGHT, GREEN LIGHT is an annoying stop on the way to some local fast food and MOTHER MAY I ? is a polite way to get some allowance, then they should sign up for some Retro Recess.

They will discover a time machine, full of dodge balls, kick balls, crab soccer balls, plus playground games that will require real thinking and skill.

Matt Blowers is an overgrown child who still plays those old fashioned games. He will introduce them to all the games YOU loved as a kid. In nice weather we will go outside for playground games. YAAAAYYY! Bus transportation available from KIS.